LUK BEAUTIFOOD Care + Colour Lip Kit
LUK BEAUTIFOOD Care + Colour Lip Kit
LUK BEAUTIFOOD Care + Colour Lip Kit

LUK BEAUTIFOOD Care + Colour Lip Kit

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A curated line up for silky soft and pretty pink kissable lips in a handy reusable, transparent cosmetic purse made from eco friendly, 100% biodegradable TPU.

Includes a bonus bamboo applicator.  The Care + Colour Kit is 100% natural, toxin free and made from food.

What's inside?

The Care + Colour Kit contains:

  • Sweet Dreams Lip Mask™ - a vegan, moisture-charging mask to melt away distressed skin cells and flakes revealing bouncy supple lips by morning.
  • Lychee Sorbet Lipstick Crayon™ - a vegan, high pigment, full coverage, colour balm crayon gives you lipstick and liner in one, all day comfortable wear, full coverage and a rich, containing natural silica for a soft focus effect.
  • Guava Blush Lip Nourish™ - buildable coverage with a soft pink satin finish. Tastes of florals and citrus with a hint of tint with intense hydration for soft, pretty lips.

Designed to keep lips hydrated and create a gentle healthy glow with a simple DIY ritual. Made with nourishing plant oils including apricot, avocado and macadamia nut and moisture=boosting sodium hyaluronate.

Who's it for?

Eco conscious lovers and packaged to suit all ages! The Care + Colour Kit is the perfect gift for mum, grandma, sister-in-law, aunty and the cosmetic purse can be used to store products and other makeup so the gift lives on well beyond the festive season. natural lipstick made in Australia