Carla Dinnage

A love of clay and art inspires Carla Dinnage to handcraft unique ceramic designs. In 2014 she established a studio to focus on this lifelong passion. Carla’s work reflects both refined and rustic influences that stem from a background studying Fine Art Ceramics, working for Louis Vuitton, and traveling the world.

With traces of Europe, the Middle East and Mexico to be found in her work, there’s a global story behind each of her home-grown Australian wares. From vibrant colours to cultural iconography, Carla’s adventurous spirit makes itself known.

Working as the studio’s sole creator her process includes building, coiling and painting by hand from a blend of stoneware and earthenware clay. Stylistically Carla’s work embraces its handmade aesthetic and the endearing imperfections that make each item personable.

Looking to the future Carla will expand her homeware range and continue to create ceramics as a form of affordable art.